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The bus company is in the process of obtaining another bus and at the same time, training the new driver.  Driver training is sometimes a lengthy process.  There are many steps to complete certification.  So, we ARE getting there and we'll keep you up-to-date as we receive the information.  Thank you very much for your patience as we work through this.  We know that a lot of you have situations where Transportation is absolutley necessary and we understand.  We will do our very best to get e new bus in rotation as quickly as possible. Once again, thank you for understanding.

If you have a balance from 2021/2022 year, you can pay your past due invoices by logging in to your account and pay any past due invoices so that you will not be locked out from registering.  Use the menu items within your portal account and navigate to your invoices.  Use the "PAY" button to pay your invoices.  Once again, you will not be able to register for the new school year until 2021/2022 balances are paid. If you are having difficulty with paying your invoices, please submit a support ticket or contact Matthew Caraway @

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Bus Service Schedules

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APACHE (Buckeye)

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Bus Fees
The fees are per month
Bus Service
1 scholar - $54
2 scholars - $101
3 scholars - $144
4 + scholars - $165
Bus Shuttle
1 scholar - $32
2 scholars - $64
3 scholars - $96
4 + scholars - $128